The Truffle

The truffle is a hypogeum fungus which grows underground, closely linked to certain kinds of plants, from which it absorbs nutrition by means of an extensive and ramified root system.

There are many kinds of truffle. The most precious are the Fine White Truffle, the Fine Black Truffle, the Summer Truffle and the Bianchetto Truffle.

The availability of this precious Tuber is tied tightly to the seasonal and the climatic conditions
The availability of this precious Tuber is tied tightly to the seasonal and the climatic conditions

Fine White Truffle

It is the Truffle par excellence known all over the world for its characteristics thanks to the intense scent that emanates and its extremely delicate taste. It has a smooth skin yellow ochre colour and a light blown pulp with thin white veins.

HARVEST PERIOD: from the end of September to 31 December.

USE: the best way to taste this Fine Tuber is using it raw, thinly sliced on dishes not too elaborate as to taste in the most natural way this Fine Tuber.

Fine Black Truffle

This is the most important among of the Black Truffles, known also with the name of “Tartufo Nero di Norcia” or “Tartufo Périgord” in France. Its perfume and its sweet taste distinguish it from the other Black Truffles. The surface (zest) is rough with a matte black color and the glebe has white veins.

HARVEST PERIOD: from 1 December to 15 March.

USE: the best way to taste this kind of Truffle is using it raw and grated directly on the dishes. It gives a special precious look and taste when added to vol – au vent and bruschetta. Perfect combination with pepper spaghetti and with the best cut of meat in order to exalt its organoleptic qualities.

Summer Truffle

This is the most used Truffle in the Italian culinary tradition. The surface has a black colour and has a very warty bark from which the name “Summer Scorzone” derived. The smell is delicate and aromatic that can remind you the season in which it develops.

HARVEST PERIOD: from 1 June to 31 August.

USE: Suitable on any dish. Preferable sliced if used raw and grated if cooked. Largely used in the preparation of jellies, stuffed pasta, roulade of meat, sauces for condiments. Great in a slice of bread with thin slices with addition of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Bianchetto Truffle

This spring Truffle is considered the “younger cousin” of the White Truffle for its similar external appearance being however extremely different and clearly identifiable. This surface is smooth and the color is okra yellow / brown rust. The glebe has a red colour with white veins.

HARVEST PERIOD: from 15 January to 15 April.

USE: it can be used both raw and cooked. Having a strong taste it is excellent in the preparation of sauces, condiments, fried or stuffed meat.

Extra Selection: whole Truffles and with a regular shape that do not have aesthetic defects, with a right maturation and a decisive scent.

First Selection: whole Truffles, more or less regular that can have small and superficial aesthetic imperfections but with excellent olfactory and gustatory qualities.

Second Selection: Small/medium Truffles with a regular shape that can be broken but always with a very good smell and taste.

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