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The passion of a group of truffle hunters from Umbria

Featured products

Condimento di Tartufo in polvere
cod. AT_TRUSPI gr. 65
salsa al tartufo bianco
cod. AT_CRETBC gr. 90-180-350
cod. AT-PARTB gr. 90-130-500
miele al tartufo
cod. AT_MIELTOPK gr. 250
Polenta al Tartufo Bianco - Pack
cod. AT_POLTARSC gr. 300
white emotion
cod. AT_TBEMOBOX gr. 40-90 ml 100
arachidi al tartufo
cod. AT_TRNUTV gr. 75
Making a high quality product from an excellence of our land: the truffle

The main aim is to select and use only first choice truffles in order to turn them into products with a high quality value.


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