Sauces and Spreads with Truffle

Tartufata Bianca
cod. AT-STB gr. 90-130-500
Tartufata Nera
cod. AT-STN gr. 90-130-500
Tartufata Premium 15%
cod. AT-SFTNAT gr. 90-130-500
Tartufata 5%
cod. AT-ST5 gr. 90-180-500
cod. AT-ST gr. 90-180-500
Spalmabile al Tartufo Bianco
cod. AT-PATETB gr. 85
Spalmabile al Tartufo Nero
cod. AT-PATETN gr. 85
Salsa del Tartufaio
cod. AT-STMED gr. 85
Spalmabile al Tartufo Nero Estivo
cod. AT-PATETE gr. 85

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